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To add meals to your card, fill out the form below:

If you are not enrolled in the 60+ Dine and would like to sign up complete the information below, check the box for more information and an application will be mailed to you.  All meals must be eaten at the 60+ Dine site, carryout is not available under this program.  

Empty restaurant

We ask participants to make a donation to support our 60+ Nutrition Program.  We have a suggested donation of $4 per meal, but not required.  Meals are funded by the Older Americans Act, County funds, donations and other funding. 

Donations are critical to the sustainability of the program. 

We accept check, cash, credit card or SNAP.

If you have questions or would like to add meals by phone, call 620-431-2980 and ask to speak with the 60+ Dine Coordinator.  

We appreciate your interest in 60+ Dine program. Please wait 2 business days for meals to be added to your card.

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